The real unemployment figures

We have heard from this government constantly how unemployment is at its lowest levels since records began. How great these jobs are and how there are enough jobs for everyone. So I decided to look into this as witnessing around me (from friends, family and colleagues), people struggling to fined new jobs that are not part time or zero hours. The truth about these figures is astonishingly shocking.

The Tories are claiming that unemployment is down to 1.5 million people and more people are in employment than ever before. The latter part of that statement is true but that is because they are forcing the disabled and unemployed into work low paid, part time or zero hour jobs. Multiple cases have been reported of disabled people being forced into work, who are paraplegic and other people with various disabilities (examples here, here and here). Add to this others who are unemployed forced off benefits to take zero hour contracts, low payed jobs and even hitting people with the bedroom tax to force people to take jobs that work out financially worse for them.

The Sheffield Hallam University released a research paper exposing the Tories lies over unemployment figures (here). They found that the actual true unemployment figures stand at 3.5 million as the government have fudged figures as to how bad the economy is performing and they are hiding it. Even checked the unemployment figures and they claim 5.1% is the true figure (here). Staggeringly still Business Insider claim the real unemployment rate to be standing at 21.5% (here). Surely all of these bodies that have very good reputations can’t be wrong. It couldn’t be a lying Tory politician trying to hide their disastrous economic record that serves the wealthy and big corporations and not the people.

Add to this the low and appalling productivity (here) since the 2008 economic crisis, this only adds to how incompetent the Tories are when it comes to economics. The Financial Times have even waded in exposing their poor handling of the economy with the clear fall in wages while the economy grew (here). This is clearly showing the Tories austerity plans are pure ideology and nothing more.

So we can now see the Conservatives are hiding unemployment figures to produce the low 1.5 million rate. This is nothing new in all honesty, Thatcher did the same years ago because she tried to con the people that business was booming, when in fact it was the rich getting richer and working class being left with nothing. They only want to keep their friends and donars rich and the rest of us scrapping for crumbs. That saying still rings true, you can’t trust a Tory!

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Corbyn and Venezuela

So the right wing continue their smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, this time using the crisis in Venezuela as their excuse for the smear. So in 2013, after the death of President Hugo Chávez, the people of Venezuela democratically elected Nicolás Maduro who was acting president since Chávez’s death. Maduro narrowly won the election over Henrique Capriles Radonski. Maduro won my a margin of only 1.49%, while only 12 month prior Radonski lost to Chávez by 11%. So lets first put to bed this nonsense that Venezuela is ran by a dictatorship that never has elections that the right wing keep trying to make up. Just because you don’t like an election result does not in anyway give you the right to make stuff up.

In 2014 Corbyn called Maduro to congratulate him regarding his election victory and his position as elected president. Just like other leaders of parties and countries did, its what politicians do, even if they do not like the victor. There are claims that this was aired on state TV but I am unable to find this on the internet other than claims of it so no idea is this is true or not, this is irrelevant in all fairness. So Corbyn congratulated the elected president for his victory which was fair and democratic. Many right wing rags claim it was all fixed and numbers were tampered with but independent investigations have failed to turn up an evidence of this.

The right wing, who had not won an election in 17 years, started a broad-spectrum banner of the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD in Spanish). This group have openly called for street protests and violence where they “claim it is necessary”. So much for the mantra of peaceful protests.

Now we turn to the most recent referendum that Maduro declared. The choice to give him more power to amend the constitution or not. 8 million people turned out to vote. It is again claimed that this was a rigged election, again from right wing capitalists. They “estimate” that only 2-3 million people turned up to vote. Then all the mainstream media started branding these figures without evidence. Around 8 million is the amount that usually vote in general elections, so to think changing the constitution, people simply don’t care enough to turn out and vote is a blatant fabricated lie.

No I’m not defending Maduro as his use of force to clamp down on protesters is brutal. This is to be expected though as the protests have been allowed to go ahead and each day they have got more and more violent. It was inevitable that a clam down would take place. A clamp down though does not mean that you have to shoot first and then ask questions. Maduro could have and should have handled this differently.

So the day after Corbyn returned from his holidays he issued a statement condemning violence on both sides, asking for calm and people to sit down and talk out their issues. A democrats do. Of course the media quickly tried to spin this as he didn’t condemn Maduro directly. This is where their lies start to unravel and they are so desperate to stop people seeing Corbyn in any light other than their stained politically inept view.

Twitter supporters and others who saw this for the nonsense it was decided to run the hash tag #CorbynMustCondem and blame everything on Corbyn. Most of this was tongue in cheek but the point was made as many turned this on the people attacking him.

We hear Theresa may, Michael Gove, Bris Johnson et al attack Corbyn saying he is openly supporting a brutal dictatorship. They really should think before they speak, Corbyn in’st the one selling arms to Saudi Arabia who are number 1 on the human rights atrocity list. Killing hundreds for thousands of civilians in Yemen. Corbyn ins’t the one selling arms to Venezuela, the same arms used to brutally attack protesters (here).

The hypocrisy of the right wing is astonishing.

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Labour win historic by-election victory

You wont read this in the head lines from the main stream media as it does not suit their agenda of smearing Jeremy Corbyn at every opportunity, even making up broken election promised that he didn’t make such as student debt.

Labour won an historic by election result in West Worthing with the new Labour Councillor Beccy Cooper being elected with 47.4% of the vote (here). There has never been a Labour Councillor in this seat for 40 years. This goes to prove that since the general election Labour’s popularity and the movement of the people is continuing and the Conservatives are still railing from their disastrous campaign. Full results below:

Antony Brown – Liberal Democrats 246
Beccy Cooper – Labour Party 1032
Joseph Crouch – The Conservative Party 846
Caroline Ponto – Green Party 55

The main stream media are still trying to control people perceptions so they can try and convince the electorate to vote for who they want to win, but this is not working. People are sick of this government and are starting to pay serious attention to politics now.

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Tory lies over student fees

This really did make me laugh. Theresa May accused, by accused I mean made up lies, that Labour had broken an election pledge. Labour made it clear in their manifesto that they would abolish all tuition fees in history and for all future generations. The manifesto launch said if elected they would stop tuition fees in September 2018. If they couldn’t get the legislation through in time they would reimburse students. The Tories claimed it was all nonsense and “there was no magic money tree” sound bites as you would expect rolled out, from their propaganda machine.

Now the election is over, the Tories lost their majority and received a bloody nose from the electorate. Labour performed very well and increased their seats by 30, not enough to govern but enough to work on and prepare for another election soon. Labour didn’t win but turned a huge, expected, landslide defeat into a decent gain. The Tories are currently in meltdown, talk of leadership challenges being made and talk of the hard Brexit dream being turned to dust.

So the lies are spilling out that John McDonald “exposed Labours lies to con young voters” on the Andrew Marr show. John basically said he will “see what we can do”. Now put this in to context, Labour are not in power, so they can’t implement their policies. They can only implement things when in government.

So the Tory propaganda agents have been scrambling desperately to try and put something together that would stick. This desperate attempt however, is even low for them. Below is the full article that was in NME that the Tories “claim” makes it clear he said he would abolish all student fees by saying “I will deal with it”. This is deliberately taken out of context and a blantant lie trying to smear Corbyn again. Mostly falling on deaf ears but there are the  Tory Death Knights trying to report this as news and a broken promise.

As you can see for your self, the “I will deal with it” is in the context of him looking at the entire situation as the election was called quick and they want to see what they can do for those who are in debt. As I said the Tory propaganda machine is in overdrive with their party is in chaos and Labour looking the stronger.

At the next election another manifesto will be put forward, it may change slightly due to finances changing and various other things but a new one none the less. Either way this is indeed a desperate attempt from the Conservatives as you can’t break a pledge when you’re not in government as you would not be implementing your manifesto unless elected.

The Tories are in real trouble and May is struggling to look “strong and stable” with her poor record, constant u- turns and real broken promises.

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Durham Miners Gala

What a day! Great weather, fantastic atmosphere, lots of family fun, enthusiastic political speeches and tremendous solidarity. All of this was on offer at Durham’s Miners Gala this year. Apparently it has been labelled the biggest in its history and also the largest in Europe. They estimate 200,000 attended and from what I saw those figures seem realistic. What an achievement. My thanks to all involved in making this a great day for all.

Plenty of people turned up just for the fun of the day and there was plenty on offer to keep people entertained. Especially if you like a little politics. There were some truly amazing and beautiful banners at the march this year. It would seem the last seven years of Tory attacks on workers rights, unions, working families, austerity, benefit cuts, middles class, the sheer corruption and even the elderly being targeted in the manifesto as the nation angry and this has mobilised many.


Jeremy Corbyn’s speech was, as always, inspirational. Setting out clearly he is ready for another battle with the Tories. This is his strong point, the campaigning period and with polls putting Corbyn comfortably ahead it is easy to understand why he is ready. Labour don’t seem to have put the battle bus away just yet. Seems everyone is expecting another general election soon. People are now clearly sick of the Tory lies, sound bites, corruption and blatant contempt for the public sector.

I’m very much looking forward to the next fight!

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Tories in Chaos

Since Theresa May’s disastouris election where she lost her majority, we have seen nothing but Tory chaos. She lost her mandate she claimed would give her a “stronger hand at the negotiation table” with the EU. A hard Brexit is clearly dead in the water. The youth rejected her in droves and the working class have had enough of austerity. The Tories are now in panic mode as they thought they had the election in the bag.

Their failure to set out clear goals and policy that people could understand, then to claim “nothing has changed” when called out on a u-turn created distrust and anger amongst voters. With Labour producing a fully costed and in depth plan in their manifesto, this caught the attention of the public and created support to fix the injustices that the Tories have created.

Then after the election we hear how the Tories will listen to what the public have said. After recent terrorist attacks and the Grenfell fire we have seen how austerity has played its part in these disasters. I’m not blaming austerity for these but they have added to make the situation worse, no one can argue with that. 

So after all the praise from the Tories about emergency services being brave, fearless and putting other people’s safety before their own in all of these attacks and disasters the Tories have betrayed these people. They voted down Labours proposal to drop the 1% pay rise. It gets worse though, they cheered, cheered their victory. Not because of what is actually meant but that they stopped Labour getting a change. They have put political point scoring before the good of the people. This has outraged the public. The sheer anger from the public over this vote has the Tories in complete panic and turmoil.

We are hearing excuses of “we need to consult on this” and all that nonsense as their excuse for this betrayal on the public sector. More lies that has failed to convince the public. Now we are seeing Michael Gove and about 39 other Tory MPs trying to convince the cabinet to change this as they know this is yet another catisphrophic disaster of Theresa Mays making. The next election can’t come quick enough to put this dying dog of a government out of it’s misery.

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Grenfell tower and others

I will start by saying that the title of this post may sound harsh but with all respect I do not want you to think that I’m in anyway wanting to detract from this tragedy. I have held off on writing a blog about this due to the anger and lack of facts from officials. Grenfell was a disaster that could and should of been averted. This isn’t a party political issue, this is a political system issue, all parties have to take their share of the blame! All our thoughts are with people in this tower block, they have lost family, loved ones, friends and homes. I can’t imagine their suffering, it is beyond belief.

This is the 21st century, where health and safety is expected. In this case not only was this basic human right failed. It was failed for reasons of profit! We now live in a society where money in the political sphere is worth more than human life. I’m a Labour man and even I can see under new Labour it was all about profit, donations and money. 

Things need to change, not just politically but in society. This is one of the reasons why I support Jeremy Corbyn, he cares about people which puts him head and shoulders above other politicians as the vast majority are simply career politicians who claim they care but only turn up when disaster takes place. Corbyn is often there when is not in the media, but the media and their agenda won’t tell you this and it does not suit them.

So after the disaster we see no crisis team. No council, no council officials, no body. The community was left to deal with it. Kensington could all took to their bunks and are waiting for the smoke to clear. This is an outrage! One amazing factor in this tradegty was the local community. The local Mosque, which were under taking Ramadan, brought food and water there were going to have that night. This speaks volumes to me as the people at the mosque were all fasting and they gave their food and water that night to those in need. A true inspiration to humanity if I ever saw one.

So back to the council, why was there no form of contingency plan? There wasn’t one because these people were seen as nothing more than rat to the rich in the area. The Council treat them this way. They ignore residence complaints regarding safety and fire issues. Then we discover than cheap flammable cladding was used to make the build “looks pretty” for the nearby wealthy residence who often complied that the tower block was and eye saw.

To make this situation worse is the fact that all high rise estates are now being tested as its suspected that more of these blocks could have similar issues to Grenfell. Today as I write this all 69 towers across the country that have been tested have failed fire safety tests. There around around 600 across the nation. We are now seeing other building dragged into this debate. It’s possible schools, hospitals, hotels, office blocks and other large building are all at risk as many of them have been built with the same or similar material and by the same construction companies that we know did work on high rise estates.

As this goes on it is starting to become clear that this irresponsible building is rife. This is the issue with capitalism, built on the cheap with unsafe material, avoid “red tape” health and safety as it reduces profit. This is not only worrying but rises anger. This anger is fuelled by the lack of action the the local council to help and the government to do anything to help these people weeks after disaster. This issue looks to be starting a chain reaction against the establishment. We will have to watch and see how this all plays out.

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