Brexit…how it has changed!

Since the EU referendum last June all we have heard from the Conservitives is “no deal is better than a bad deal”. This sound bite has been repeated by all Tory MPs, ministers and supporters since the vote. Not only do they not know what this actually means but this sound bite has became toxic over the election Theresa May pushed for. Repeatedly when questioned what this means we only get replies of “remoaners need to accept the result” and “stop being so unpatriotic” with a few various other simplistic and spin style statements.

In politics it is right, fair and indeed expected that this question is answered so voters can make an informed decision before putting the X against any candidate. I openly admit that I voted to remain, we lost and I accept the result. However, to treat us remainers like fools or enemies of the UK, which the right wing media have portrayed, is not only decisive but shows the lack of respect and shows how insular and protectionist they are. If we want to “pull together” as a country this narrative must change. If you want cohesion from both Brexiteers and Remainers then we need to have open debate. Inclusive cross party debate.

I did watch Peston on Sunday this morning and was completely shocked. Priti Patel stated to Peston that she thought the idea of a cross party work group/forum on Brexit was a bad idea. A bad idea! Just let that sink in for a moment. This is what our elected government think about open discussions. They reject it! She claimed that cross party discussions would only “derail” Brexit. This is sheer nonsense. I think Ms Patel has forgotten that the Tories lost the last election and it was clear that the electorate rejected a hard Brexit. May claimed she wanted a bigger majority, which we all knew was a lie, to give her a “stronger hand” at the negotiations table against the EU. The public not only rejected that but also rejected the notion of her as a “strong and stable” leader.

Eagerly, as did the nation, waited to see the opening day of discussions. As expected, David Davis collapsed under pressure like a house of cards in gale force winds.

I also suspect the rest of the Brexit talks to be a joke. This Conservative government are in disarray and are trying to put a brave face on it. They are out of their depth, out of touch with public opinion and out of their minds. The EU will now control all aspects of the talks and we will have to beg for concessions as the Tories tried to pass of that they knew what they were doing.

It is us the public, the workers, the youth and the elderly that are going to suffer because of the Conservatives gambling and incompetence!

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Coalition Government

I have held off posting about the 2017 general election somewhat as it has been very much unpredictable and with polls often reporting multiple outcomes, I just found it pointless. Being a Labour supporter and activists I guess you could expected me to be anti-Tory. This time however, I feel it appropriate to be so.

From the start of the camping we have heard the Conservative media and members push their smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn. Claims he synthetises with terrorists, can’t be trusted with national security, wants to spend the UK into oblivion were not only lies, but deliberate misrepresentations of what had happened to try and con people into voting Tory. How that has backfired was spectacular.

So now that the election is all done and dusted, the counts all finished, it turns out Labour did very well. As soon as the election was called all the polls pointed towards the Tories having an 24-26 point lead (depending on which you looked at). Over the weeks the polls narrowed. All we heard were sound bites from Theresa May, nothing with substance, just plain old sound bites. “Strong and stable” and “coalition of chaos” were given in every single answer from all Tories. They produced a campaign that not only tried to fool people but also treated the public like idiots. They saw through it. These lines and lies quickly became toxic. They used them so many times people started to detest these phrases.

The Conservatives started to look rocky. When Theresa may announced she would not take part in the live TV debates and send others in her place, showed not only poor leadership but also pure contempt for the public. She claimed that she was out on the doorstep day in day out talking to people instead. This also turned out to be nonsense as she only visiting small groups of people in their work place. These small groups were all Tory party members shipped in to make it look like she had support.

Labour were out in numbers, at the doors and showing people what a party that wants change can do. Labours manifesto went down well with the public, with it being fully costed. While the Tory manifesto tried, again, to trick people into thinking they were being offered a good deal with no substance and no costing. They targeted the old, vulnerable, schools, NHS and police all with further cuts. The attempt to roll out an American President style campaign of vote Theresa May and her team was also an extremely poor call. Again the British public didn’t like it.

Now after the election the Tories have not only proven that they can’t be trusted but are willing to put the peace process in Ireland in jeopardy so they can cling onto power. They sold themselves out to do a deal with the DUP (Democratic Unionist party). This party are not only trouble but have little to no respect for any view that are not their own. They are directly involved with terrorism. They support unionist terrorists and were just as bad as the IRA when the troubles were at their worst. Even more shockingly is that they seem keen to go back to their olds ways and want to fight again. I doubt this “pact” will last, as soon as it gets tough, we will see this government crumble under pressure.

So much for “Strong and Stable”! It’s more like Incompetent and Untrustworthy!


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Keep Fox Hunting Ban

How can anyone consider Fox hunting an honorable sport? The wealthy that’s who. To fill their mundane weekends with a little violence and make them feel that little bit more empowered. People argue that it’s because fox’s are pests. How is any animal that helps keep the rodent population from massively increasing been seen as a pest?

It’s unbelievable how out of touch Theresa May and the currently Tory government are! The claim is a free vote on Fox hunting, as she claims, is in the national interest and “many people support this” is complete nonsense. Here is the evidence that 84% of the public oppose bringing this barbaric ritual back.

I can understand that a farmer who keeps live stock may see them as a pest for obvious reasons, but on that note many crop farmers apparently find them very useful. Among crops its not unusual to find a mix of rodents, insects and birds, all of which fox’s hunt and eat. Meaning many crop farmers find their presence not only useful but find these creatures good for their livelihood.

Hunting fox’s in the way these “nobles” do is barbaric and inhumane. Why get 100 plus dogs 15 men and horses to hunt a small animal that has little chance. Some farmers set traps to catch fox’s to release, some to sell (or at lasted used to before the ban) for hunts and others set traps to kill. These traps to kill are the most humane even if you don’t agree with them.

The Conservatives are wanting to lift the ban and start this disgusting “sport” again to appease their wealthy donors. The blatant lies May spouts about this being in the national interest and what people want needs to be exposed for the lie that it is.

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My First Blog Post

I choose to get involved in politics a number of years ago because I strongly believe that if you want things to change in life, you have to be prepared to work hard to make those changes. I was a supporter of the Labour party, just life my family used to be. We all voted Labour, every election. Along come New Labour and things start out fine. Then the Iraq war was launched and I found my self protesting against a war that I found completely wrong, morally and logically. I was never a member of labour but always supported them. So after this time I found myself unable to support Labour while Blair and Brown etc were in control. Stumble on a few years of not voting at all, my wife and I had out first child. This was a huge turning point for me as I became determined to change things so my child could have a better life.

So I joined the Green party. I found them interesting and I agreed with my of the things that I stood for. I stood as a Green candidate in my home ward and this is when I found it to be way more difficult than I thought. People not knowing who and what the Greens stood for was the easy party. I joined local residence associations and actions groups to get more involved my community. Now the Greens claim to stand for grassroots movements and getting involved in the community. I found this to be very much not that case. I was there alone almost every meeting. When it came to door canvassing and delivering leaflets I was going the vast majority of this alone. The odd occasion I would get help and this is where my frustration started to set in. I quickly became disillusioned with the party, especially when droves of party members would turn up for national campaigning. So after w few years I left the party.

Over the last few years I have found my self drawn back to Labour, especially under Jeremy Corbyn. I admit he is a very different type of leader from the career politicians we see so much these days (in my opinion these politicians are the reason why the country is in a mess). I joined up and made the decision of get heavily involved the party. I have never looked back and I’m really enthusiastic about this general election.

So I started this blog as a place I can write and express views and so forth. So if you like what you read, come back often as I will post fairly often.

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