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PFI failures

I remember many years ago when I was at school; politicians talking about PFIs and their concerns, I also remember some saying that it was the way forward and it will save the country and the tax payer. At the … Continue reading

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May’s Brexit shambles continue….

The pantomime shambles that people like to call Brexit seems to to be getting worse and worse. Recently the Tories and their hard Brexit plan have taken quite the political beating as of late. We have gone from “no deal … Continue reading

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Voting at 16…why not?

To me this is a simple debate! If you can work and pay taxes, get married, have children and join the armed forced at the age of 16 and contribute to society, then why can’t you have a vote like … Continue reading

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2017 Autumn budget….poor show

So we have just had Philip Hammond’s autumn budget. Forgive me for seeming a little grim here but after talking about the significant drop in economic forecasts, this all seems like some Tory fairy tail. So large economic reductions in … Continue reading

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Disastrous Tory party conference 2017

If you had seen the Tory party conference you would have noticed this event was…….seriously lacking in debate, ideas and enthusiasm. It was flat, mundane and boring. This was all before Theresa May’s speech at the end of the conference. … Continue reading

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Tories deliberately underfunding NHS

So we are now 7 years into a Tory lead government and the NHS is on it needs. Its at breaking point. We are now seeing over 4 million people waiting (here) for NHS care, this is on par with … Continue reading

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Police inquiry in to Tory election rule breaking

Another election, another inquiry into election laws being broke by the Tories. It’s like groundhog day. Every time there is an election, soon foloows a story after the even of the Tories breaking election laws to try and gain an … Continue reading

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