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Anti-Democratic smear campaign

So we have the latest smear campaign against Corbyn. This one is a real desperate attempt and stands against the principals of a free and open press. This time they are taking it to the extreme of claiming Corbyn has … Continue reading

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2017 assessment overall

It has been another year of hardship for the majority of the country. The economy continues to bounce along at the bottom of the barrel and workers and families continue to be the target for the Tories austerity program. With … Continue reading

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Weak government….time to step aside!

Ever since Theresa May took control of the Conservative party they have taken a serious decline in public opinion as well as public confidence. Things for the Tories have been in decline for some time and they have managed to  … Continue reading

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Labour Party Conference 2017

What a Conference! Regardless of your political standing you can’t disagree with how positive and how much the members are behind the Labour leadership. This Conference was a huge success. Jeremy Corbyn’s vision for Britain and the Labour party is … Continue reading

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Corbyn and Venezuela

So the right wing continue their smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, this time using the crisis in Venezuela as their excuse for the smear. So in 2013, after the death of President Hugo Chávez, the people of Venezuela democratically elected Nicolás Maduro who was … Continue reading

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