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2017 assessment overall

It has been another year of hardship for the majority of the country. The economy continues to bounce along at the bottom of the barrel and workers and families continue to be the target for the Tories austerity program. With … Continue reading

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May’s Brexit shambles continue….

The pantomime shambles that people like to call Brexit seems to to be getting worse and worse. Recently the Tories and their hard Brexit plan have taken quite the political beating as of late. We have gone from “no deal … Continue reading

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Tory Brexit shambles continues!

So we are still no further forward. We still have no clear path for Brexit. Remember when “Brexit means Brexit”, and “no deal is better than a bad deal”? Well these seem to have ¬†disappeared into the archive of forgotten … Continue reading

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Brexit…how it has changed!

Since the EU referendum last June all we have heard from the Conservitives is “no deal is better than a bad deal”. This sound bite has been repeated by all Tory MPs, ministers and supporters since the vote. Not only … Continue reading

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