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The real unemployment figures

We have heard from this government constantly how unemployment is at its lowest levels since records began. How great these jobs are and how there are enough jobs for everyone. So I decided to look into this as witnessing around … Continue reading

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Labour win historic by-election victory

You wont read this in the head lines from the main stream media as it does not suit their agenda of smearing Jeremy Corbyn at every opportunity, even making up broken election promised that he didn’t make such as student … Continue reading

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Tory lies over student fees

This really did make me laugh. Theresa May accused, by accused I mean made up lies, that Labour had broken an election pledge. Labour made it clear in their manifesto that they would abolish all tuition fees in history and … Continue reading

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Tories in Chaos

Since Theresa May’s disastouris election where she lost her majority, we have seen nothing but Tory chaos. She lost her mandate she claimed would give her a “stronger hand at the negotiation table” with the EU. A hard Brexit is … Continue reading

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Grenfell tower and others

I will start by saying that the title of this post may sound harsh but with all respect I do not want you to think that I’m in anyway wanting to detract from this tragedy. I have held off on … Continue reading

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Brexit…how it has changed!

Since the EU referendum last June all we have heard from the Conservitives is “no deal is better than a bad deal”. This sound bite has been repeated by all Tory MPs, ministers and supporters since the vote. Not only … Continue reading

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Coalition Government

I have held off posting about the 2017 general election somewhat as it has been very much unpredictable and with polls often reporting multiple outcomes, I just found it pointless. Being a Labour supporter and activists I guess you could … Continue reading

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