About Me

I have always been interested in politics, I guess you could say I was an arm chair politician. I have always believed in fairness, justice and doing the right thing. I come from a Labour supporting family. However, along with millions of other families, with Tony Blair’s New Labour, became disillusioned with the party. I found Labour to be more of a small c conservatives party in red.

After having children it gave me the inspiration to get out of my arm chair and fight for change. To change things for future generations. I guess you could say having kids was the kick up the back side to get me into gear to fight. So I joined the Green Party, got involved locally and stood as a Green candidate at local elections. I quickly found the Greens not the party for me. Lots of talk of taking the fight to the Tories on all sorts of front but when it came to local issues, I found their enthusiasm to be somewhat lacking. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good people in the Green Party I would happily work with in the future. They aren’t all bad.

So I left the Green’s and kind of stumbled in the political wilderness. I joined the CWU as my working life was starting to become difficult. I was part of a locally elected employee council already and found that I really enjoyed helping people and fighting against injustices. With the CWU support (and almost all unions) for Labour I found my self drawn to them again, but not just because of the unions but because of Jeremy Cobyn. I wasn’t drawn back to Labour purely because of Corbyn but he was taking the party back to it roots and the reason why Labour exists. I could see that Labour was starting to become the party it once was so I joined up. I have never looked back.

So that is my story, boring but a true one.