Corbyn and Venezuela

So the right wing continue their smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, this time using the crisis in Venezuela as their excuse for the smear. So in 2013, after the death of President Hugo Chávez, the people of Venezuela democratically elected Nicolás Maduro who was acting president since Chávez’s death. Maduro narrowly won the election over Henrique Capriles Radonski. Maduro won my a margin of only 1.49%, while only 12 month prior Radonski lost to Chávez by 11%. So lets first put to bed this nonsense that Venezuela is ran by a dictatorship that never has elections that the right wing keep trying to make up. Just because you don’t like an election result does not in anyway give you the right to make stuff up.

In 2014 Corbyn called Maduro to congratulate him regarding his election victory and his position as elected president. Just like other leaders of parties and countries did, its what politicians do, even if they do not like the victor. There are claims that this was aired on state TV but I am unable to find this on the internet other than claims of it so no idea is this is true or not, this is irrelevant in all fairness. So Corbyn congratulated the elected president for his victory which was fair and democratic. Many right wing rags claim it was all fixed and numbers were tampered with but independent investigations have failed to turn up an evidence of this.

The right wing, who had not won an election in 17 years, started a broad-spectrum banner of the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD in Spanish). This group have openly called for street protests and violence where they “claim it is necessary”. So much for the mantra of peaceful protests.

Now we turn to the most recent referendum that Maduro declared. The choice to give him more power to amend the constitution or not. 8 million people turned out to vote. It is again claimed that this was a rigged election, again from right wing capitalists. They “estimate” that only 2-3 million people turned up to vote. Then all the mainstream media started branding these figures without evidence. Around 8 million is the amount that usually vote in general elections, so to think changing the constitution, people simply don’t care enough to turn out and vote is a blatant fabricated lie.

No I’m not defending Maduro as his use of force to clamp down on protesters is brutal. This is to be expected though as the protests have been allowed to go ahead and each day they have got more and more violent. It was inevitable that a clam down would take place. A clamp down though does not mean that you have to shoot first and then ask questions. Maduro could have and should have handled this differently.

So the day after Corbyn returned from his holidays he issued a statement condemning violence on both sides, asking for calm and people to sit down and talk out their issues. A democrats do. Of course the media quickly tried to spin this as he didn’t condemn Maduro directly. This is where their lies start to unravel and they are so desperate to stop people seeing Corbyn in any light other than their stained politically inept view.

Twitter supporters and others who saw this for the nonsense it was decided to run the hash tag #CorbynMustCondem and blame everything on Corbyn. Most of this was tongue in cheek but the point was made as many turned this on the people attacking him.

We hear Theresa may, Michael Gove, Bris Johnson et al attack Corbyn saying he is openly supporting a brutal dictatorship. They really should think before they speak, Corbyn in’st the one selling arms to Saudi Arabia who are number 1 on the human rights atrocity list. Killing hundreds for thousands of civilians in Yemen. Corbyn ins’t the one selling arms to Venezuela, the same arms used to brutally attack protesters (here).

The hypocrisy of the right wing is astonishing.


About David Campbell

I'm an average everyday working class man who has decided enough is enough. I'm now a Labour political activist and CWU union member. Fighting to make this country fair and something to be proud of for future generations.
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