Tory lies over student fees

This really did make me laugh. Theresa May accused, by accused I mean made up lies, that Labour had broken an election pledge. Labour made it clear in their manifesto that they would abolish all tuition fees in history and for all future generations. The manifesto launch said if elected they would stop tuition fees in September 2018. If they couldn’t get the legislation through in time they would reimburse students. The Tories claimed it was all nonsense and “there was no magic money tree” sound bites as you would expect rolled out, from their propaganda machine.

Now the election is over, the Tories lost their majority and received a bloody nose from the electorate. Labour performed very well and increased their seats by 30, not enough to govern but enough to work on and prepare for another election soon. Labour didn’t win but turned a huge, expected, landslide defeat into a decent gain. The Tories are currently in meltdown, talk of leadership challenges being made and talk of the hard Brexit dream being turned to dust.

So the lies are spilling out that John McDonald “exposed Labours lies to con young voters” on the Andrew Marr show. John basically said he will “see what we can do”. Now put this in to context, Labour are not in power, so they can’t implement their policies. They can only implement things when in government.

So the Tory propaganda agents have been scrambling desperately to try and put something together that would stick. This desperate attempt however, is even low for them. Below is the full article that was in NME that the Tories “claim” makes it clear he said he would abolish all student fees by saying “I will deal with it”. This is deliberately taken out of context and a blantant lie trying to smear Corbyn again. Mostly falling on deaf ears but there are the  Tory Death Knights trying to report this as news and a broken promise.

As you can see for your self, the “I will deal with it” is in the context of him looking at the entire situation as the election was called quick and they want to see what they can do for those who are in debt. As I said the Tory propaganda machine is in overdrive with their party is in chaos and Labour looking the stronger.

At the next election another manifesto will be put forward, it may change slightly due to finances changing and various other things but a new one none the less. Either way this is indeed a desperate attempt from the Conservatives as you can’t break a pledge when you’re not in government as you would not be implementing your manifesto unless elected.

The Tories are in real trouble and May is struggling to look “strong and stable” with her poor record, constant u- turns and real broken promises.


About David Campbell

I'm an average everyday working class man who has decided enough is enough. I'm now a Labour political activist and CWU union member. Fighting to make this country fair and something to be proud of for future generations.
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