Tories in Chaos

Since Theresa May’s disastouris election where she lost her majority, we have seen nothing but Tory chaos. She lost her mandate she claimed would give her a “stronger hand at the negotiation table” with the EU. A hard Brexit is clearly dead in the water. The youth rejected her in droves and the working class have had enough of austerity. The Tories are now in panic mode as they thought they had the election in the bag.

Their failure to set out clear goals and policy that people could understand, then to claim “nothing has changed” when called out on a u-turn created distrust and anger amongst voters. With Labour producing a fully costed and in depth plan in their manifesto, this caught the attention of the public and created support to fix the injustices that the Tories have created.

Then after the election we hear how the Tories will listen to what the public have said. After recent terrorist attacks and the Grenfell fire we have seen how austerity has played its part in these disasters. I’m not blaming austerity for these but they have added to make the situation worse, no one can argue with that. 

So after all the praise from the Tories about emergency services being brave, fearless and putting other people’s safety before their own in all of these attacks and disasters the Tories have betrayed these people. They voted down Labours proposal to drop the 1% pay rise. It gets worse though, they cheered, cheered their victory. Not because of what is actually meant but that they stopped Labour getting a change. They have put political point scoring before the good of the people. This has outraged the public. The sheer anger from the public over this vote has the Tories in complete panic and turmoil.

We are hearing excuses of “we need to consult on this” and all that nonsense as their excuse for this betrayal on the public sector. More lies that has failed to convince the public. Now we are seeing Michael Gove and about 39 other Tory MPs trying to convince the cabinet to change this as they know this is yet another catisphrophic disaster of Theresa Mays making. The next election can’t come quick enough to put this dying dog of a government out of it’s misery.


About David Campbell

I'm an average everyday working class man who has decided enough is enough. I'm now a Labour political activist and CWU union member. Fighting to make this country fair and something to be proud of for future generations.
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