Grenfell tower and others

I will start by saying that the title of this post may sound harsh but with all respect I do not want you to think that I’m in anyway wanting to detract from this tragedy. I have held off on writing a blog about this due to the anger and lack of facts from officials. Grenfell was a disaster that could and should of been averted. This isn’t a party political issue, this is a political system issue, all parties have to take their share of the blame! All our thoughts are with people in this tower block, they have lost family, loved ones, friends and homes. I can’t imagine their suffering, it is beyond belief.

This is the 21st century, where health and safety is expected. In this case not only was this basic human right failed. It was failed for reasons of profit! We now live in a society where money in the political sphere is worth more than human life. I’m a Labour man and even I can see under new Labour it was all about profit, donations and money. 

Things need to change, not just politically but in society. This is one of the reasons why I support Jeremy Corbyn, he cares about people which puts him head and shoulders above other politicians as the vast majority are simply career politicians who claim they care but only turn up when disaster takes place. Corbyn is often there when is not in the media, but the media and their agenda won’t tell you this and it does not suit them.

So after the disaster we see no crisis team. No council, no council officials, no body. The community was left to deal with it. Kensington could all took to their bunks and are waiting for the smoke to clear. This is an outrage! One amazing factor in this tradegty was the local community. The local Mosque, which were under taking Ramadan, brought food and water there were going to have that night. This speaks volumes to me as the people at the mosque were all fasting and they gave their food and water that night to those in need. A true inspiration to humanity if I ever saw one.

So back to the council, why was there no form of contingency plan? There wasn’t one because these people were seen as nothing more than rat to the rich in the area. The Council treat them this way. They ignore residence complaints regarding safety and fire issues. Then we discover than cheap flammable cladding was used to make the build “looks pretty” for the nearby wealthy residence who often complied that the tower block was and eye saw.

To make this situation worse is the fact that all high rise estates are now being tested as its suspected that more of these blocks could have similar issues to Grenfell. Today as I write this all 69 towers across the country that have been tested have failed fire safety tests. There around around 600 across the nation. We are now seeing other building dragged into this debate. It’s possible schools, hospitals, hotels, office blocks and other large building are all at risk as many of them have been built with the same or similar material and by the same construction companies that we know did work on high rise estates.

As this goes on it is starting to become clear that this irresponsible building is rife. This is the issue with capitalism, built on the cheap with unsafe material, avoid “red tape” health and safety as it reduces profit. This is not only worrying but rises anger. This anger is fuelled by the lack of action the the local council to help and the government to do anything to help these people weeks after disaster. This issue looks to be starting a chain reaction against the establishment. We will have to watch and see how this all plays out.


About David Campbell

I'm an average everyday working class man who has decided enough is enough. I'm now a Labour political activist and CWU union member. Fighting to make this country fair and something to be proud of for future generations.
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