Brexit…how it has changed!

Since the EU referendum last June all we have heard from the Conservitives is “no deal is better than a bad deal”. This sound bite has been repeated by all Tory MPs, ministers and supporters since the vote. Not only do they not know what this actually means but this sound bite has became toxic over the election Theresa May pushed for. Repeatedly when questioned what this means we only get replies of “remoaners need to accept the result” and “stop being so unpatriotic” with a few various other simplistic and spin style statements.

In politics it is right, fair and indeed expected that this question is answered so voters can make an informed decision before putting the X against any candidate. I openly admit that I voted to remain, we lost and I accept the result. However, to treat us remainers like fools or enemies of the UK, which the right wing media have portrayed, is not only decisive but shows the lack of respect and shows how insular and protectionist they are. If we want to “pull together” as a country this narrative must change. If you want cohesion from both Brexiteers and Remainers then we need to have open debate. Inclusive cross party debate.

I did watch Peston on Sunday this morning and was completely shocked. Priti Patel stated to Peston that she thought the idea of a cross party work group/forum on Brexit was a bad idea. A bad idea! Just let that sink in for a moment. This is what our elected government think about open discussions. They reject it! She claimed that cross party discussions would only “derail” Brexit. This is sheer nonsense. I think Ms Patel has forgotten that the Tories lost the last election and it was clear that the electorate rejected a hard Brexit. May claimed she wanted a bigger majority, which we all knew was a lie, to give her a “stronger hand” at the negotiations table against the EU. The public not only rejected that but also rejected the notion of her as a “strong and stable” leader.

Eagerly, as did the nation, waited to see the opening day of discussions. As expected, David Davis collapsed under pressure like a house of cards in gale force winds.

I also suspect the rest of the Brexit talks to be a joke. This Conservative government are in disarray and are trying to put a brave face on it. They are out of their depth, out of touch with public opinion and out of their minds. The EU will now control all aspects of the talks and we will have to beg for concessions as the Tories tried to pass of that they knew what they were doing.

It is us the public, the workers, the youth and the elderly that are going to suffer because of the Conservatives gambling and incompetence!


About David Campbell

I'm an average everyday working class man who has decided enough is enough. I'm now a Labour political activist and CWU union member. Fighting to make this country fair and something to be proud of for future generations.
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