Anti-Democratic smear campaign

So we have the latest smear campaign against Corbyn. This one is a real desperate attempt and stands against the principals of a free and open press. This time they are taking it to the extreme of claiming Corbyn has been some form of collaborative informant against the UK. This has indeed caused a stir and showing clear media bias. Not only is there zero evidence, but the right wing media are running stories from an ex-agent from the Czechoslovakiwho they them selves claim the ex-agent is none-sense and a compulsive lair.

I’m all for a free and open press, but at the same time the press have to accept responsibility for the stories they print. Some have pushed this story with headlines and front pages as if it was a factual story, yet the only form of evidence is what one single ex-agents has said. There are no official records from his old employer backing anything up he stated, actually the documented records state something very different. Yet decent responsible journalist are being dragged through the mud as these stories are nothing more than an extreme smear as the right wing media are in panic due to Labour taking significant lead in the polls. If there was significant evidence of collusion then this would be a story worth printing. However, this ex-agents claims are nothing more than fabricated lies. The Czech foreign minister him self claims the ex-agents is a fantasist after he make claims the the Czechs are responsible for live again and paid and arranged it. This says a lot really.

I openly admit I’m a Corbyn supporter, he has his flaws like everyone else in the world, however what I am against and will not tolerate are lies and smear from press barons in an attempt to derail our democracy.

They are desperate to stop the change Corbyn will bring as it will mean they have to pay their taxes. Something they don’t want or like doing.

This smear campaign needs to stop, I don’t think that the media are understanding the more they tell us something that turns out to be a blatant lie the less trust the have towards the media and the less they pay attention to what they say.

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PFI failures

I remember many years ago when I was at school; politicians talking about PFIs and their concerns, I also remember some saying that it was the way forward and it will save the country and the tax payer. At the time I was still new to politics, a school boys who paid attention, but wasn’t all that clued up and there was no internet really to help keep informed. So I could only learn from books, newspapers and what I saw on the news. This was a good 20-25 years ago. Then Along came New Labour who claimed this was the way forward too. I wasn’t to keen on the idea that a private company will carry out the work of the state and make a profit. But like I said I was new to it all so I wasn’t too concerned at the time.

Years later when at colleague and university, and more informed and aware I was firmly against it. New Labour rolled out these PFIs and did nothing to change it or challenge it. We saw, in the NHS alone, how these companies were making a fortune at the expense of the NHS budget. Hospitals were built at extortionate prices and the hospitals were built from the cheapest materials around. The whole time these companies walked away with huge profits, then were allowed to charge rent back to the NHS as they owned the building. This caused many NHS bodies to built quiet a debt. Being honest, even now PFI are confusing as there is no transparency. They hide what they do and how the do it.

So with the recent collapse of Carillon this shows just how extreme and bad things have gotten. A large company that was struggling with fiances were continuously given government contracts, and the politicians new this was the case, but continued to award them huge contracts. No less the top brass within Carillion where Tory donors and supporters.

Let me make this clear so everyone knows what I am implying. I suggest that the Tories offer a friends with benefits position to their donors. I’m in no way suggesting they offer sex to their friends but an alternative. You give us money as a donor and we award your company contracts to make you wealthy. This is a blatant corrupt situation and it has to stop. Add to the fact that the board on Carillion, just months before their collapse, put in place protections for their wages, bonuses and pensions shows how corrupt this hole process is. PFIs have always, and will always be a stitch up for the failed corrupt economic policy of capitalism. This policy has cost the tax payer in the region of £220 billion since it started around the early/mid 90s. An estimated £100 billion more than what is would have cost it everything was kept in house (allegedly).

Carillion then had the nerve to tell employees, even on the day the news broke they are going into liquidation, to come to work as normal as they will still be paid (knowing they wouldn’t be). Remember the bosses had put a policy in place to protect themselves financially but did nothing for its workers.

Now that is out of the way lets move on. Doing a little digging I found that there are literally thousands of failed PFI projects. Most are small scale projects but they all add up. This shows that the private sector is failing the tax  payer, with huge costs. These contracts are then passed onto other providers where they are then paid, so in essence the tax payer has paid twice for many projects. This is unacceptable!

This hole system has been exposed due to the size and scale of the Carillion collapse. Many hospitals and various other building projects are now to site for an extensive period of time while the government works out who will carry out the work instead. All this while so many people are now out of work.

Public services and public buildings should not, nor every be put in the hands of private firms again. Taxpayers are being ripped off and getting less value for their money. The private firms are walking away with millions but if they go bust, the taxpayer is picking up the bill again.

Private Fiance Initiatives should never see the light of day again. It is a con and used to make political supporters and donors wealthier for their support for the party in power. This is corruption at its finest!

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10 ways Tories have deliberately failed the NHS

Like many others, I fully support our NHS and want to stop any government from privatising it. The NHS is the institution that sets us apart from the countries where they see health as an opportunity to exploit peoples illness in the name of profit.

We have recently hit a crisis point in the NHS. This winter we have seen multiple reports (here, here, here) that patients are waiting in corridors, ambulances aren’t offload patients and 10+ hours waits in A&E. this is not down to the winter, this is all down to the deliberate mismanagement of the NHS to a point where the Tories will try to spin this to make it look like they the NHS is not working and it has to be sold off. That is a blatant lie. They are are systematically trying to cripple our health service so they can sell it and all make money from it. Here is a list of 70 MPs (Tories and a few Lib Dems) set to line their pockets from people’s illnesses from the sell off of the NHS.

So I have been looking over the main areas where the Conservatives have not only failed the people but also deliberately mismanaged the NHS to spin the lies is doesn’t work and needs to be privatised. In 2017 the NHS was votes as the best health service (again) in the developed economies by the Commonwealth Fund (here). So here are my top ten:

1) Privatisation
i) In 2012 the Health and Social Care Act brought competition law into the NHS. Private companies can now invoke legal action for not being warded contracts. (here)
ii) NHS cash used to purchase non-NHS healthcare has dramatically increased by 72% since 2010 (When the Tories first got back in government). So that is a total of £70bn extra the NHS is paying to private firms that the NHS can do at a cheap cost. (here)
iii) The introduction of CCGs has failed. We were promised that GPs would be at the heart of commissioning. They aren’t. (here p. 21)

2) Wasteful Spending
i) The Tories have wasted a total on £22bn on agency staff in the NHS. That has quadrupled in cost since 2010 when the Tories took control. (here & here)
ii) The Tories have spend £3.5bn on hiring private management services for the NHS. This has doubled in cost since 2010. (here)

3) NHS Finances
i) NHS spending since 2010 has decreased 68% since the spending settlement in 1955. No government in history has invested less cash in real terms since the Tories took power in 2010. (here)
ii) NHS spending as a share of UK GDP has fallen since 2010. (here)
iii) In Feb 2017 the NHS’s finances reported a black hole of £22bn. (here)

4) NHS Rationing
i) Hip & Knee surgery is now being refused to patients who smoke and are obese in 1/3 of clinical commissioning groups. (here)
ii) IVF treatment has been rationed under the Tories with 80% of CCGs now refusing to fund the 3 cycles of IVF that NICE recommends. (here p. 6)

5) Maternity Services
i) Since 2011, under the Conservatives, Maternity Unit closures have increased by 41%. (here p. 12)
ii) Relative risk of maternal death of mothers in the lowest quintiles almost doubled from 2010 to 2015 under a Tory government. (here p. 17)

6) Social Care
i) 1.2 million elderly people are not having their social care needs met. This is an increased of 48% since 2010. (here)
ii) NHS England saw a record 2.2m bed spaces lost to delayed discharged for the last 12 months, an increase of 41% since 2010. (here)
iii) The Competition and Markets Authority found that self-funding users of adult social care are being overcharged £1bn a year to plug the shortfall in government funding for social care. (here)
iv) Two thirds of unpaid carers have reported a deterioration in their mental and physical health since 2010. (here)
v) The National Audit Office cast serious doubt on whether Tory plans to integrate health & social care services has reduced admission, made savings or led to better outcomes. (here p. 7)

7) Mental Health
i) 5,162 overnight mental health beds have closed since 30 June 2016, cutting 1.8m bed spaces, annually, from the NHS’s mental health service. (here)
ii) There are 5,240 fewer mental health nurses employed in the NHS today than there were in 2010. The CQC judge that the number of mental health nurses has declined by 12% since 2010. (here)
iii) The number of “out of area” placements for mental health patients has grown by a half in two years. (here p. 78)
iv) Detention under the Mental Health Act are up 30% since 2012. (here p. 78)

8) Cancer Services
i) NHS England’s performance at meeting cancer care waiting targets has worsened since 2010. The two week wait for GP urgent referrals to first consultation appointment has fallen from 94.9% in 2010/2011 to 91.9% in 2016/2017.
ii) According to Cancer Research UK, the Tories cut spending by 10% for newly diagnosed cancer patients. (here)
iii) Under Jeremy Hunt, A&Es are in their worst crisis for 13 years. Last year, more than one in ten patients waited more than four hours. (here) **Recent Crisis also proves this**
iv) The number of patients waiting more than 12 hours at A&E from decision to admit to admissions to a ward increased by 2,700% since 2011.

9) Closures
i) More than 40% of NHS Walk In Centres have been affected by Tory cuts and closures. From 2000 until 2010, Labour opened 230 centres, since 2010, the Tories have either closed or downgraded over 100 NHS Walk In Centres. (here & here)
ii) 16,481 NHS beds have closed under the Tories. This means that there are now 6m fewer bed spaces per year today than there were in 2010. (here)
iii) The NHS has had to closed maternity wards and A&E wards at a time when both are struggling under the Tories poor management. (here)

10) NHS Staffing
i) There has been an increase in the percentage of NHS staff working unpaid hours and the percentage of NHS staff satisfied with their pay has reached record low levels.
ii) The number of nurses leaving the profession in the UK has soared under the Tories with 140,000 leaving the register in the last 5 years.
ii) The number of nurse vacancies has reached dangerously high levels, with reports suggesting 27,000-42,000 unfilled nursing posts. (here)
iii) Mean annual earnings for qualified nurse has fallen more than £3k in real terms since 2010. (here)
iv) The number of health & social care workers on zero hours contracts continue to grow to records highs. (here)

As you can see from the above the saying once uttered “you can’t trust a Tory with the NHS” was not just a soundbite, but an actual fact!

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2017 assessment overall

It has been another year of hardship for the majority of the country. The economy continues to bounce along at the bottom of the barrel and workers and families continue to be the target for the Tories austerity program. With rising inflation, wage stagnation and huge increased in zero hours contracts no wonder the country suffers.

So 2017 has been somewhat a complete disaster for the Tories though, so it’s not all bad. I say this is jest as they have systematically tried their best to suppress the lower classes in this country, while making them selves and their donors wealthier. Their continued tax breaks for the rich while squeezing the lower classes has not only broken this country, it has turned the people against the establishment. I don’t think I have ever seen the public mood more anti government.

So from the start of this year we have seen this government continue to deliberately fail the people. Through all the evidence that has proven austerity does not work, they still continue down this path. Even the UN produced a report condemning the Tories for their illegal and discriminatory treatment towards disabled people (here). This alone paints the picture of how out of touch and cruel they truly are.

So from the start of the year and still ongoing now is the Brexit debate. The country is still so divided over Brexit. The everyday Brexiteer will play the cards of we voted to leave to we are leaving, yet ignore that only 2% less than them are the 48% that don’t want to leave and are trying to fight for the best deal of even try to stop the whole process. I openly admit I’m a Remainer and so not want us to leave the EU and I still stand by my statement that a decision this big and this complicated should not have been put to the people in a referendum so simple of just a yes or no vote. However, it has been done and this is what has and still is causing so much aggro among voters. It was very close so no matter what side won, when a vote is this narrow, it is always going to be a poisoned chalice, not matter the party in power.

We have also had the most deceitful, disrespectful, bias media I have seen in this country in my life time. At every opportunity they have tried to smear Labour and in particular Jeremy Corbyn. We have had the old right wing Labour guard take a beating with the rise of the left within Labour and across the country. The media were all reporting how bad a leader Corbyn was and how he was a bully and all that nonsense. With the Tories being 24+ point lead in the polls (depending on what poll you read) Theresa May moved in for the kill. She called an general election. This was a calculated move to wipe out Labour and assert her dominance in government.

Theresa May’s reputation at this point was already put into question. The previous year we had a number of terrorist attack that could have been adverted if under her watch she hadn’t cut 20,000 police officers. The intelligence agencies along with the police federation complained from the start of the austerity cuts that this would potentially cost lives and peoples safety. There was a video going round online whereby Theresa May makes a speech at the police federation conference and she clearly tells the police to stop “crying wolf”. How that phrase has come back to haunt her. She continued to claim this would have made no difference until the intelligence agency made a statement that due to cuts, there are currently 500 more people on the watch list they can keep tabs on due to the lack of staffing. More evidence of her incompetence.

So back to the election, her performance expose her for the incompetent, lying, deceiving elitist politician she is. She was branded the Maybot, due to her robotic responses, the answer to every question we saw was “we are a strong and stable government” and “we need to get on with the job” and the killer phrase, “vote for me to give me a stronger hand at the Brexit negotiating table”. She went from poor interview to poor interview. Embarrassing herself and the Tories at each stage. She even tried the desperate interview with her husband to try and make her look normal. Another massive failure.

On the other side the media continued their bias onslaught of misinformation and blatant lies about Labour and Jeremy Corbyn. Each interview he did his ratings increased. People started to like him. It became clear that people liked Corbyn and the general election that was called was helping his political career. People believed all the lies and nonsense the media spewed out. But then he was given the interviews and stage in the general election campaign, it became clear to the public that he was a nice down to earth bloke who was considerate. Something people going through a hard time related too.

The Tories lost their majority while Labour gained 30+ seats. I do believe that if the election campaigning went on for another week or two that the losses for the Tories would have been far worse.

From this disaster the Tories had to bribe the DUP with £1.5billion to side and vote with them. This at a time when the Tories all said the same phrase to Labour about their manifesto pledges to re-nationalise industries, “there is no magic money tree”. Oh but there is a magic money tree and the Tories shake it when they need help staying in power. Again, more disapproval and anger from the public over this.

We then had the tragedy of Grenfell tower. official death toll stand at 71, it is only this low as they can’t identify all the remains and it is claimed that roughly 120 people died in the fire. Again we saw politicians come forward and give the usual speeches. It has since been exposed that the cheap cladding was the main cause for the building going up so fast. A total of £10.5million spent on a refurbish but the idea of putting sprinklers in this building to help contain fires and potentially put out fires was not taken into consideration as in this rich borough it was about making an ugly council building look better for the rich people who had to look at it. It turns out from further investigations that over 600 buildings round the country, including hospitals and schools do not have these in place, as austerity is worth more than peoples lives. You can imagine the public anger here.

On the back of this Theresa May visited the site, but not the people, only the fire department and police officials who would take her around and away from the peasants that live there. Now I know this fire was not her fault, nor was it the Tories at fault, the blame falls directly at the local council for not taking safety first (Tory controlled). I don’t care about who was in power at local government as there are many Labour ran councils to have the same issues that they caused around the country. The people there were desperate and in need of help. She didn’t even show them the respect of showing up and talking to the victims. She arrived in the back door, talked to a few officials, couldn’t look anymore disinterested if she tried, and left by the backdoor. Corbyn on the other hand, went and spoke to the people. Had a cup of tea with them, hugged them and promised he would do his best to support and fight to get them re-homed as quick as possible. He even stood in the street of an angry bunch of residents and spoke to them. They where all shouting at him and calling all politicians names etc. 5 minutes later they where showing Corbyn respect because to choose to speak to them. To listen to them and treat them with respect. That is the difference between these two, one can handle pressure and conflict without resorting to name calling and shouting, the other runs for the coward she is.

Since all of this we have had the disastrous Brexit negotiations. The Tories have failed at every single round to get any form of deal so far. We have finally reach stage two of the talks, about trade, because after 6 months of “talks” (or shall we say blatant incompetence from David Davies and his team) that Theresa may basically flew there and crumbled giving the EU everything they asked for. It was said from the day after the Brexit vote that the EU has all the power, held all the cards and had little to loose. They played that game, stuck to their guns and the Tories with their Royal Britannia hard Brexit plan sank and there are no life boats on board. David Davis has either lied about the 57 (ish) Brexit sector impact reports or they are so bad they have crumbled to the EU realising a hard Brexit would be a disaster for the country.

Jeremy Corbyn won the Sean MacBride Peace Prize this year. The bias corrupt media stayed silent. They still wont run any story putting him in a good light. He also won the Spectator Parliamentarian of the year 2017 and still no mention of it. This is how bad the media are, avoid anything good but the second Corbyn wears a tracksuit to go get the paper, it’s the biggest headline of the century.

So after a year of complete incompetence and disaster, we roll into 2018 with the same incompetent politicians running the country. Unless we have another general election in 2018 with a Labour victory we are set to have another very gloomy year ahead.

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May’s Brexit shambles continue….

The pantomime shambles that people like to call Brexit seems to to be getting worse and worse.

Recently the Tories and their hard Brexit plan have taken quite the political beating as of late. We have gone from “no deal is better than a bad deal” to “help me win the election to give me a stronger hand in the negotiations with the EU” and now to the recent parliament defeat on the final deal.

So the ultra-right wing greedy capitalist Tories backbenchers wanted to stop this vote from taking place. This vote gives parliament the final decision on the deal May and her group of incompetent brown nose friends will try to deliver to the nation. Brexiteers are always banging on about bringing sovereignty back to the UK, this is a sovereign nation on display. They just don’t like democracy when it does not suit their own views.

Of course parliament should have the final say, just like the 27 other nations in the EU will have their vote, and any one of them could stop this if they don’t like the deal. We live in a representative democracy, this is what the process is and always should be. On a decision this big the government should not have all the say but should have the final say. If the UK crashed out of the EU without a deal, we all know that it would be extremely disastrous for the economy, jobs and peoples lives, in the short term, likely to be long term also. This is undeniable, only the idiotic morons who think we are the world  super power we once were believe in this fantasy.

Long term Brexit could work, however we would have to move to an economy that becomes and export heavy weight in the world. That Britain was destroyed under Thatcher and her greedy fat boardroom mates who milked the UK dry of every asset the country once had. The UK make next to nothing in terms of exports, 76% of our exports are services. Most of these services have already made it clear a hard Brexit will force them to relocate. We import way more than we make as we are now a mass consumer driven economy. We would have little to offer other countries that they can’t get cheaper elsewhere. So the idea of a hard Brexit being an amazing move is blatantly unrealistic.

We then move to the most bias media span story of the year. The passports! News broke this week that the UK will have “blue” passports, that in some way having a different colour passport with the UK instead of EU on it will fix everything. Brexiteers are literally bursting with pleasure and excitement about this. I find it odd as I’m not really bothered about the colour or what is on the passports, as long as it works. So the estimated cost it £500m pounds. Just think about that for a moment…remember we were told that Brexit wouldn’t cost us anything? Well so far it’s claimed that May has agreed to £35-40bn in the “divorce bill” and now another £500m (most likely more that that) just to change our passports.

This at a time when the NHS, social care, public services, local authorities and schools are all at breaking point because of the Tories failed ideology of austerity. Is this a joke?! If you were truly patriotic you would be standing against the likes of this idiocy to help stop the country from collapsing. But I suppose waving a Union Jack and singing God save the Queen makes you more patriotic than ensuring the country is fair, just, safe and we all have a decent standard of living then this county is well and truly finished!

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Voting at 16…why not?

To me this is a simple debate! If you can work and pay taxes, get married, have children and join the armed forced at the age of 16 and contribute to society, then why can’t you have a vote like others in society?

Now I hear a fair few older voters claim that at 16 you are to immature and don’t know what you want. My argument to this is there are plenty of 18, 21, 25, even 30+ years out there still just as immature that don’t know what they want, so the theory that somehow at the age of 18 you instantly know how the world works and what you want is complete nonsense. Yes experience is important in life, however, you don’t gain experience unless you actually experiencing something first!

There are plenty of 50+ year old’s out there that get their so called “well informed opinions” from main stream media, you know the printed rag type. Surely a well informed individual would gather information from multiple sources to form and understanding, then an opinion. Yet the older generation are the least likely to be informed correctly. Many avoid different media sources so how “informed” are they really.

Statistics show that younger generations have less tribal loyalty to the media and read from multiple sources which older generations do not. This is a general statement so take it with a pinch of salt if you will but you understand the general point I am making. I do agree that younger generations are are more susceptible to “fake news” as online all sorts of nosecones is around, however, if you look at the printed media (i.e. Daily Mail etc) you will quickly see they are just as bad. Producing page after page of hate filled opinions in an attempt to pass it off as some form of news! The difference being that fake news online reached way more people as a much faster pace that printed media can.

So if at 16 you have the potential to be more reinforced and have the same rights as everyone else in society, why shouldn’t they be allowed to vote?

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2017 Autumn budget….poor show

So we have just had Philip Hammond’s autumn budget. Forgive me for seeming a little grim here but after talking about the significant drop in economic forecasts, this all seems like some Tory fairy tail.

So large economic reductions in forecast, spending sprees to businesses and small amounts of money for the people. Typical Tory budget then. Nothing to plug the NHS, defense and social care budget gaps. This is yet another poorly thought our budget. No wonder the countries fiances and economy is in a mess.

The fact that £3 billion was set out for brexit and £2.8 was provided to the NHS (£1.7 billion below the black-hole created by the Conservatives) just shows how out of touch and how much the Tories show contempt towards our vital public services.

This was Hammond’s chance to try and put the Tories on the front foot, instead we go a revised (poorer) economic future forecast and grim warning that the next decade they expect it to get even hard for people in terms of wage squeezes and inflation rises. He failed, not only his party but the people of this country. He offered nothing but more of the same old austerity (which has clearly failed) to the poorer classes in society.

We need true inspiration, a leader to who will stand up and make change happen. Unfortunately no a single person in the Tory party has any of these true leadership qualities. This is what makes Britain’s future look like the titanic heading towards and iceburg!

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